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To register for the Great Headbomz Assembly on the morning of October 10th, World Mental Health Day, click here. To learn more about Headbomz, and how to deal with them, and why Talking Makes Us Stronger, click here.

Check out our campaign ambassadors’ stories of how talking to someone they trusted helped them when they were children.

With the help of award-winning animators Aardman (the brains behind Shaun the Sheep and Wallace and Gromit) and composer Vikki Stone, we’ve created a song and video to help get this important message across. But we can’t do it without you.

Help us by liking and sharing this video, and by singing along to its squelchy lyrics – then start the conversation about how to make Headbomz go away.

When sharing the Headbomz video with a class group, teachers may find this short guidance helpful. In this clip, Margie Roe, National Childline Manager, talks about what Headbomz means, and how teachers can help children to understand it in context.

Talking Makes Us Stronger.

After significant research and development, ISPCC Childline is proud to introduce to you our new campaign: Talking Makes us Stronger – featuring Headbomz: a brain-poppingly fun way to remind children that talking builds emotional resilience.

Headbomz describe the indescribable; the things that might make children feel like their head is going to burst. The questions, thoughts, worries or feelings that they don’t quite know how to deal with or talk about. By describing these as Headbomz, we can start more conversations about how to get rid of them.

And at Childline we’re keen to get the message out to children that talking makes us stronger.

Thank you for your interest in The Great Headbomz Assembly on October 10th, World Mental Health Day.

We are inviting schools across Ireland to participate on the morning of October 10th, World Mental Health Day, in the Great Headbomz Assembly. Schools are invited to join our special guest to learn more about Headbomz and how to cope with them.

Classes who register will receive free copies of the new book Headbomz: Wreckin’ your Head , written by award-winning children’s author Oisín McGann.

Teachers will be able to access worksheets to support using the book in class on this site also; available from October 10th.

Schools will also receive Headbomz class packs, including stickers, posters and our Squisher Squad scenario cards, which support children to talk about how to deal with issues that affect them.

All of this activity supports children to talk about how they are feeling, and is brought to you by Childline, supported by the Vodafone Ireland Foundation. Because Talking Makes Us Stronger.

Register your participation in the Great Headbomz Assembly on the morning of October 10th, World Mental Health Day

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